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“Not one single piece of equipment in our data centre was affected by this ‘flood of the century’. There was no down time, no data loss, no impact upon our clients,” stated Marjorie Zingle, CEO of DataHive. Many businesses and buildings in Calgary’s downtown core have had to be shut down — some for a [...] advises people that if they receive a notice that their personal data has been breached, they should immediately take steps to protect themselves from identity theft and fraud. Too often skeptical consumers ignore these notices. This is unfortunate because surveys show that over 22% of notice recipients become victims of identity fraud. Identity thieves [...]

If in doubt, change your password. Customer support tool Zendesk had been hacked earlier in February, and that affected Zendesk’s clients Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. “We believe that the hacker downloaded email addresses of users who contacted those three customers for support, as well as support email subject lines,” explained Zendesk on their blog. Pinterest [...]

Two top social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, were exploited in one of last year’s top scams. The victims get a Direct Message from a friend on Twitter notifying them about a video of them on Facebook. The message would say something like, “ROFL they was taping you” or “What RU doing in this FB [...]

The top computer scam of 2012 was the computer virus fixing scheme. It typically begins with a call warning you that your computer has been infected with a virus. The caller then offers to clean your computer. What the caller is trying to achieve is for you to allow them remote access to your computer, [...]

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, all of your personally identifiable information (PII) is at risk. This includes your contacts list, texts, e-mail, sent and received phone calls, all install apps, photos, videos, etc. Take precautions now to avoid a serious compromise of your PII in the future. There are 3 major security [...]

Instagram set off quite a furor with their apparent move to appropriate and sell their users’ photos. They have since released a statement that they have no plans to sell the photos, just to use information about the users to target advertising. Still, the furor was surprising considering that the entire purpose of Instagram and [...]

I read an article about caring, concerned people in Staten Island, NY who are collecting found photos that had been scattered by Sandy. They photos have been found in the rubble of homes or washed up on the beaches, wet and many of them damaged. “Their houses have been destroyed, they lost everything,” Assemblywoman Nicole [...]

It’s amazing what technology can do. Here’s a case in point: Chatham-Kent, Ontario police have charged a thief with possession of a stolen laptop after the computer told its owner where it was. The laptop has tracking software and not only indicated where it was located but used its built in webcam to take a [...]

I find it hard to understand why, with the risks of data loss and the easy solutions available, people still aren’t backing up their files. They have plenty of excuses: My files aren’t important; I can’t afford it; I’m too busy right now; and many, many more like that. What these people are overlooking is [...]

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