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Everyone knows they should back up their computer files, just like everyone knows they should brush their teeth after meals. That doesn’t mean everyone does it. 

“I am much too busy to back up my computer files.” We know. Your life is chock full of work, family, friends, activities. There just isn’t time left in the day to do the ho hum tedious stuff like computer maintenance. Happily for you, offsite backup software such as CollectionMine has been designed to make it easy for you. With scheduled backups, your backup can be done at times that suit you. You can carry on with your busy life without having your offsite data backup interfere with it. 

“But I don’t know how to back up my computer files.” You know that backing up your files is important, but you just don’t know where to start. There is more than one option to choose from when backing up and storing your data. So the first step for you is to decide how you will store your computer files.

Option #1 is backing up onto disks or an external hard drive. The downside to this option is that you will have to schedule frequent backups and remember to do them. What good is a 3 month old version of your files when you have spent the last 3 months updating and adding to your files? 

Another downside to this option is having to find a secondary site to keep your disks or external hard drive. What good will they be if they are destroyed in a house fire alongside your computer? So that busy life you were busy having will have to be interrupted by backing up your files yourself and delivering your backup disks to the secondary location.

Option #2 is to back up to an ftp location which allows you to save your computer files to a location online. Again, you will have to schedule and remember to complete your backups. The most important thing to keep in mind about this option is to find an online location that is safe, secure and guaranteed accessible.

Using online data backup software such as CollectionMine will take care of scheduling and completing your backups. These backups take time however, (sometimes a lot of time) so it is important that you back up your most valuable documents first instead of trying to back up your entire computer. If time is of the essence, it is possible to send disks or an external hard drive directly to CollectionMine for immediate uploading onto a server in our own state-of-the-art data centre.

“There’s nothing wrong with my computer! It won’t crash.” Your trusty old computer has been working well all this time and hasn’t had a single problem. So why bother worrying now about backing up? Trust us when we say your computer will die. If you are lucky you will be given some warning and have time to copy your files, but it is just as likely that with a bang and some smoke and sparks your computer will die without warning. 

And it’s just not a dead computer you have to worry about. Computer viruses have gotten nastier and sneakier, and people are at greater risk of data loss than ever before. 

So what is your excuse to not back up your computer files? Think of it as an ounce of prevention. Choose how and where you want to store your data, follow through with your decision, and then thumb your nose at fate. 

We at CollectionMine hope, of course, that you will choose our offsite data backup software. 


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