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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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A recent case of hacking brings to the fore the need to not only be judicious in what we post on social networking sites such as Facebook, but to be vigilant against hackers and criminals.

A California man was arrested a few weeks ago on suspicion of hacking into the Facebook and email accounts of over 170 women. He faces multiple felony charges associated with computer intrusion, identity theft and extortion.

Apparently between September of last year and September of this year, the hacker was able to compile personal dossiers of over 3200 women using publicly accessible information off of Facebook.

The information he gathered enabled him to guess answers to security questions and reset the passwords of the email accounts of over 170 women. Once into their email accounts he searched for embarrassing photos, videos or information that he would email to their friends or post on their Facebook profiles.

This particular hacker got his kicks from causing embarrassment and distress to women, and he even tried to blackmail some of his victims.

The peace of mind of over 170 women was disturbed because of the criminal activities of one hacker. There is no doubt that had he not been arrested he would have continued to seek out more victims.

It would behoove us all to be careful of the information we leave in our email accounts, including the Sent folder. We may not have embarrassing photos stored there, but we might have bank account details or other information that would enable a hacker to steal our identities.

If you have valuable personal data on your computer, it would be wise to store it using remote data storage. That way if your computer is stolen or compromised, the information remains accessible only to you.

CollectionMine’s online data backup software allows you to store any and all of your digital documents on a server in our world-class data centre.



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