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Microsoft published an interesting study that looked at the various reasons for the loss of computer files. The study’s results were as follows:

Hardware failure accounted for 42% of data loss incidents. Human error accounted for 30% of data loss episodes, and includes accidental deletion of data, as well as accidents such as dropping a laptop. Software corruption accounted for 13%. Computer viruses accounted for 7%. Computer theft, very common with laptops, accounted for 5%. Finally, hardware destruction, which includes damage caused by floods, lightning, and brownouts, accounted for 3% of all data loss incidents.

Have you personally ever experienced a computer crash? If you have, it is possible you lost computer files that you have never been able to retrieve. You most certainly experienced a disruption of your computer activities.

Would an up-to-date set of backup files have helped you to seamlessly continue your work or project? Of course it would. Nowadays having backup software, or at the very least a backup plan, is a definite must for anyone who uses a computer.

If you have computer files you don’t want to lose, it is wise to use online backup software. Then, in the event something happens to your computer, the files can be immediately restored or replaced with your backed up files.

Computer backup software works much like insurance — nobody wants to bother with it, but when disaster strikes nobody wants to be without it. 

Surveys show nearly one-third of home computer users back up their files between never and less than once per month. As a result they are completely unprepared for sudden attacks by hackers, viruses, blackouts and electrical failure.  Of the other two-thirds of home computer users, most don’t back up often enough to ensure 100% of the vital data saved is current. Some data loss will occur if their computers crash, whether it is weeks’ worth, days’ worth or hours’ worth. The best solution is using CollectionMine’s online data backup service.

Having our online backup software essentially enables you to save time. Imagine the amount of precious time you would lose if you had to recreate your work or projects from scratch — work that you spent a lot of thought and effort to create in the first place.

In case of disaster, such as fire and flood, your data is not lost. It can be retrieved and restored back into your systems as if nothing had ever happened. 

CollectionMine’s automatic backup software immediately performs a backup whenever new data is saved on the hard drive or whenever you have set a backup scheduled. This ensures that your backup files are up-to-the-minute.

CollectionMine’s software includes encryption as a feature. It automatically encrypts your data during transfer and backup operations. You can have the confidence to transfer files without worrying about data leakage. 

CollectionMine’s backup software comes in both Windows and Mac formats. It does not require special hardware. It is easy to use and extremely affordable. 


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