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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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My good friend Aileen was enjoying visiting relatives in Europe right up until the taxi ride to the airport. She had put her suitcases in the trunk of the taxi as well as her black laptop bag. When the taxi driver emptied his trunk he neglected to remove the laptop bag, and Aileen didn’t notice its absence until after he had driven away.  Her laptop was gone and so was her peace of mind.  Upon her return home, she had to immediately take action to protect herself.

It is probably all too likely that the new “owner” of the laptop would wipe it clean and resell it rather than root around for personal information. Still, it is best not to take chances. Assume that your information will be used against you.

My friend had a system password as do a lot of people, but the truth is that once a thief is in possession of your laptop, the password will not stop him. Passwords stop honest people, not thieves. In many ways passwords are as effective as bicycle locks — they don’t stand a chance against people with the right tools. A bicycle thief uses bolt cutters. A computer thief uses the many computer programs readily available that are designed to figure out passwords.

The thieves, depending on your browser settings, can check your browser for sites you visited and access your online accounts if you had saved the passwords. Change your passwords to all sites that have your personal information including social sites like Facebook.

If you have any extremely private information on your computer like bills, bank statements and tax returns, change your account numbers immediately. Let your account providers know ASAP if you think this information could be compromised.

If you didn’t have personal information stored on your computer, consider playing safe regardless. There just might be some long forgotten personal document hidden away or deleted that could provide thieves with information they can use. Check out our article about successfully deleting files.

You could also put a freeze on your credit cards, or at least a fraud alert. Be vigilant about checking for any unauthorized charges and dealing with them immediately.

The epidemic of stolen laptops is growing. Keeping them in your home is no guarantee either that they are safe. Just this week Keira Knightley’s house was burgled and she lost her laptops. Being a public figure no doubt her home security was far more comprehensive than most of ours.

My friend Aileen certainly felt the loss of her laptop, and was inconvenienced at having to change her account numbers and passwords. She would have been much more upset had she lost the files she kept on her laptop: videos of her recently deceased mother, videos of her newborn niece and nephew, old family photos.  She had placed them all on her laptop in anticipation of sharing them with her long lost European relatives. Happily Aileen had been clever enough to also upload them onto CollectionMine’s remote data storage. 

Offsite data storage gives you peace of mind — your valuable, irreplaceable computer files are backed up and retrievable regardless of what happens to your computer. Give yourself and your family the gift of knowing your digital treasures are forever safe. 


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