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A basic fact of life is that computers die — all of them. Don’t believe us? If you don’t believe that it, read this. We like to imagine that our computers have an easy life with no stresses and no hazards to cause them to die, much less die prematurely.

The truth is that computers and their component pieces have a definitely finite life span. They also have predictable afflictions that are most likely to kill them off. Most computer fatalities stem from careless handling, neglect and unhealthy environments. We mustn’t forget to include faulty manufacturing in this list. All of these can contribute to the early demise of a computer in its prime.

Reality is that, sometime soon, your computer or one of its essential components is going to get fried and fail. The most common cause of this happening is the Power Supply (PSU).

A faulty power supply is by far  the most common source of computer mortality. Push the power button, see a flash of light, some smoke, and the computer is toast. 

The power supply is the most dangerous of PC components. Its job is to filter the massive wall voltage into the bite-sized 12V, 5V and 3.3V DC allocations that modern PCs need. 

When a power supply fails, it sends random jolts through the rest of the system, killing your valuable computer components, and sometimes burning them as well. Unfortunately, many power supplies are manufactured by no name companies who have little quality control. The sad result is a steady stream of computers prematurely dying.

A faulty power supply can cause damage to your computer, but also to your home and/or to yourself. A defective PSU can burst into flames and belch out clouds of smoke and sparks. This can present a very real fire hazard!

So how do you avoid this problem? Simply put, buy a brand name product. The best way to avoid a power supply incident is to buy a power supply from a reputable company that specializes in manufacturing them.

A good piece of advice is to keep your PC off the floor and away from dusty environments (and family pets). Minimize the amount of dust and debris that can build up inside the power supply. 

In the event that your computer may die unexpectedly, consider using CollectionMine’s offsite data backup software to safely store your important files. CollectionMine offers both Mac and Windows backup software.  


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