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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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In August 2010 a Calgary grad student had had his vehicle broken into. Besides losing clothes, cash and credit cards, John Boldt had a laptop computer stolen from the trunk of his car. What made this story newsworthy was the fact that the laptop contained the research and notes for the thesis he was writing for his master’s degree in history. It also contained his thesis that was three chapters away from being completed.

Yes, John Boldt did back up his research and thesis onto a backup hard drive. Unhappily the backup hard drive was also in the trunk of his vehicle and was also stolen.  As a result, the Calgary grad student was having to face the prospect of dropping out.

“It’s so many years of my life just thrown away,” he said. “The computer can be replaced. It’s what’s on it that can’t.”

Unhappily for John Boldt, the thieves that raided his car were not as altruistic as the thieves who stole a Swedish professor’s laptop in October but then mailed him a USB stick with all of the contents of the stolen computer.

The professor had admitted to being bad at backing up his files, so he was lucky indeed to have thieves with a conscience.

We have written an article on keeping your computer safe from thieves ( and suggest those people who own laptops read it.

John Boldt and the Swedish professor both could have benefited greatly by using CollectionMine’s online data backup software. The thesis would have been backed up safely and securely onto a server in a remote, world class data centre. CollectionMine’s software could have made automatic backups that needed no human interaction.

We strongly urge anyone with important, valuable and irreplaceable documents to use remote data backup. Learn from John Boldt’s experience — protect your computer files from theft, vandalism, disaster and human error with CollectionMine’s offsite data backup. 



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