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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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Are you thinking of selling or donating your old computer? Maybe you have a lot of personal files on there that are not meant to be shared with strangers, so what do you do? You delete them.

Did you know that deleted files can be recovered easily? This is a relief in instances when your files are accidentally deleted, but what about those documents you want to completely erase, to obliterate from existence?

Deleting or trashing a file does not actually delete the file. What is deleted is reference to the file in the Master File Table.  The document itself is still intact.

If you want your private files to be completely obliterated and unrecoverable, you can choose from the following options:

1. Use a “secure delete” software package.  Mac users don’t have to worry because this software is built-in. When items are dragged to the trash, select “Secure Empty Trash” from the Finder menu. If you have a PC, you can either buy some software or find a freeware version to use. Just google “secure file delete” to find the software on the internet, download it and use it. Feel free to use it more than once — it pays to be paranoid when it comes to secure data.

2. Delete the files by emptying the trash/recycle bin. Then, to ensure they are unrecoverable, place a large file (1 to 2 gigabytes) on the hard drive and make plenty of copies of the file to fill up your drive. This will completely overwrite your deleted files. Then delete all of the copied files you just made and you’re done.  Again, feel free to repeat the exercise if you’re a bit paranoid.

3. In case you were curious, it is possible to erase a hard drive using a giant magnet. This technique is referred to as “degaussing.” For anyone out there who is adventurous enough to try this, please heed this warning: a powerful magnet in the hands of a beginner can totally ruin a computer hard drive so don’t try this unless you can afford to trash it.

Before deleting your sensitive data, back up all files you want to keep to a safe location. Using CollectionMine’s remote data backup software is the perfect solution to backing up and storing your computer files safely and securely.


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