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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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I recently read an article about a house in Oshawa that was burgled, leaving a mother and daughter heartbroken. It wasn’t the stolen television, computer, jewellery or video games that upset them so much. What the thieves had also taken was a wooden box that contained letters, cards and photos of their dear departed husband and father, Gerald Oldford.

The items in the box were worthless to thieves, but invaluable and irreplaceable to Mr. Oldford’s family. 

Mr. Oldford had died five years ago, but left behind him this box of treasures for his family to remember how much he loved them. 

“These were my daughter’s last memories of her father,” said Jennifer Norris. The girl had been only ten years old when she lost her father. 

I myself have many treasures of my parents and grandparents who have long since passed away. I too would be heartbroken if these items were stolen or destroyed or lost. They aren’t worth anything to anyone else, but they are beyond price to me.

My parents’ graduation photos, letters and birthday cards from my Grandma, and handwritten poems by my other grandmother are among these precious artifacts. I am taking no chances with them.

By scanning each item and uploading them to a remote server using CollectionMine’s online data backup software, I know that if anything were to happen to the originals, I still have copies stored out of harm’s way.

The bonus to scanning and storing the items is that I can share them with my brother and other relatives who are interested. 

I also have an old videotape of my brother’s wedding which features both of my parents. To see them talking and laughing and having a good time brings back wonderful memories. I had the movies placed onto disk and they are all sitting on a CollectionMine’s server in their world class data centre.

I strongly urge you to avoid a situation like the Oshawa family had. Keep your memories safe by using CollectionMine’s online data storage.


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