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Not so very long ago we thought that we’d never be able to fill 40GB hard drives to capacity. Then along came program updates such as Windows 7 which alone takes up 16GB of hard drive space. None of the updated programs seems to have trimmed the fat — they’ve all gotten larger. As a result that 40GB hard drive is filling up quickly and people are running out of space.

With inadequate space on our hard drives, we cannot install any new programs. We cannot save files and photos and music, and our computers work very, very slowly. So what are our options?

The first steps would be to ascertain that your problem is a lack of hard drive space. To check this on your PC, click on “Start” and then “My Computer.” Find “Local Disk C.” Right click and then click “Properties.” The blue indicates the used space, and the pink indicates the available space.

If you are down to around 15 percent available space, be concerned. Under that level your machine will begin to have serious issues. Files will become lost or corrupt, and if this happens to critical files you will be faced with a non-functioning computer. A non-functioning computer is not something you want to deal with.

So having determined that your computer is running out of space, there are steps you can take to alleviate the problem.

Move your larger computer files such as movies off of your computer. You can use an external hard drive, or you can burn them to DVD’s and then delete them from your hard drive. Our favoured solution is to use remote data storage. CollectionMine’s backup software allows you to store your computer files onto a secure server in a world-class data centre.

Whichever solution you choose, the main idea is to make space on your hard drive by deleting huge files.

There are other options available to you as well. You can save all of your files elsewhere (external hard drive, DVDs, remote data storage), format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. This will wipe out everything, returning your hard drive to its original state. Then you can fill it all up again with your new programs and such.

You might want to consider getting a larger hard drive. Price it out and see if it is economical for you to choose this option, or if it’s better to get a new computer. Keep in mind that a new larger hard drive on your old computer does not necessarily translate into a longer life-span for the machine. If it’s old already, is it worth investing money in it?

So these are your options to dealing with a lack of available space on your hard drive. Be sure to act before your computer gets into a crisis. And be doubly sure to protect your most important computer files from corruption or loss.



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