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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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Many companies are offering offsite data backup these days, and most are essentially service providers only. They offer the backup services, but have not invested in building their own data centres. Vendors such as these must join forces with infrastructure providers, and very often, for the sake of cost effectiveness, the data winds up stored on the Internet Cloud. Such is the case with Amazon and Google.

Cloud computing does have many benefits for the companies that use them: capital savings; no onsite infrastructure; consumption-based costs. The lower costs for offsite data backup service vendors allow the savings to be passed on to the consumer. Data backup is now very affordable.

Consumers should be aware that there are risks associated with Cloud computing. Like Murphy’s Law dictates, if something can go wrong it inevitably will. And what can go wrong with the Cloud?

The Cloud can be compromised. Sometimes hosted services are accessed by hackers and other criminals, and mayhem ensues. Anyone can sign up, create an account and engage in activities that may result in the IP addresses being blocked. If you are hosting in that same environment, you will be blocked as well.

Remember how Google got hit by the nation state of China? On the Cloud, you are not alone. There are hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of other users out there with you, and some of those have criminal intentions, exploiting services to hijack accounts. 

The risk of data loss and leakage increase precisely because of the open, operational characteristics of the Cloud. 

The safest environment to back up your computer files is on a server in a data centre. So when you are looking for offsite data backup solutions, find out if the vendors rely on the Cloud to keep their costs down, or if they have the actual hardware in an optimal environment.

CollectionMine has its own world class data centre. Our customers’ digital documents are kept safely, securely and privately on our servers. And still we offer extremely competitive prices! Check us out! 


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