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Think fast — when were your tonsils taken out? What antibiotic gave you a bad reaction? What are all the medications you are taking, and what are the doses? These things are tricky enough to remember without the pressure of a medical emergency. 

When my 89-year-old aunt collapsed, I had to gather up all of her medications from her house and take them to the emergency room. She couldn’t remember offhand everything she was taking for her various maladies. It would have been much easier if she had a ready-made list on hand. 

Did you know that your GP is required to keep adult medical records for only seven years from the last entry? And these days, plenty of people don’t even have a regular family doctor — they go to clinics for their health care. So who is minding your medical records?

Personal medical histories can span several decades, and can get very complicated. Taking the time to compile your own history, getting family members to jog your memory if necessary, will save you a lot of grief in the event of a medical emergency.

List the surgeries you have had, including the types of surgery and the dates, and the surgeons’ names — they may come in handy. Make a list of the medications you have taken, including the dosages, and any bad reactions you have had with them. Don’t forget the over-the-counter supplements and medicines you take. And can you fairly accurately document the various tests and results you have had? The more complete the history, the better.  

If you have children, it is a good idea to keep documentation on their medical history as well. Once the histories have been created, it is then a simple matter to update them as time goes on. 

You might even consider compiling family histories — what your parents and grandparents suffered from in their lives. A lot of disorders can be inherited. 

Now what to do with all this documentation? Definitely keep a copy handy in the event of an emergency. You would also be well advised to upload your personal/family medical history online on CollectionMine’s offsite data backup. That way, if your paper copy gets lost, another can be easily printed out. As well, you can access your copy from any computer that is connected to the internet. We offer both Mac and Windows backup software versions. 

Be proactive and take your health care into your own hands. Do not assume that your family doctors are safeguarding all of your documents. Odds are they aren’t.


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