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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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Remember reel-to-reels or 78 RPM records when they were popular? Probably not. How about 8-tracks and cassettes? If you have any, are they mouldering away in a crawl space somewhere, mislaid or forgotten? I have my grandmother’s collection of 78 RPM records dating back to the 1930′s, including Bessie Smith’s “Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl.” Nobody had listened to it for decades. 

As a music lover, I know you would like to maintain your music collection. By preserving and archiving your old records, tapes and reels you will be able to cherish your memories forever. For this to be possible, however, you need to take good care of your music. Records are scratched, tape can break, and all recordings need special care as far as storage.

If you want to restore your music, there are companies that will take your old recordings and restore the sound, get rid of hiss, etc. as well as put the recordings onto CDs for permanent preservation. This process is recommended for anyone serious about archiving, restoring and backing up older recordings.

Imagine being able to pop in your CD player your 78′s from 1950 and be mesmerized by Fats Domino singing “Blueberry Hill” or suddenly see and hear your grandfather on newly restored home movies. The advances made in the science of preservation make it possible to restore not only commercial records and movies, but also the invaluable, irreplaceable homemade films, tapes and records. Innumerable attics are stuffed to the rafters with lost treasures that can now be brought back to life with digital technology.

And once you have them digitized, why take the chance of losing them again? CD’s get lost, scratched, stolen. Upload them onto CollectionMine’s offsite data backup storage, where they will be kept safe and secure, out of harm’s way. We offer both Mac and Windows backup software versions.


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