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Passwords are used by most people every day. Because we live in the computer age, we need to use passwords to get into our online bank accounts, to check our emails, to upload onto social media sites.

Unhappily it is now a fact of life that passwords are at risk from hackers. That is why it is important to engage in good password practices.

Be smart about choosing your passwords. Please don’t pick something obvious or predictable such as your name, your birthday or your pet’s name. Especially do not pick as a password something that someone can find from looking at your Facebook page.

Hacker George Samuel Bronk of California had spent a year compiling dossiers on 3200 women using information from their Facebook pages, and managed to guess the passwords of at least 170. He was caught but only after he wreaked havoc on those women’s lives.

When picking a good password, mix up numbers and letters, upper case and lower case, at least 7 characters long. Don’t tell anyone your password. Some people can keep secrets and some people can’t, and if a hacker does manage to access your account at least you won’t be wondering if somebody you trusted let it slip. Please do not use the same password for more than one account you log into. If a hacker manages to access one of your accounts, at least your other accounts are not accessible to him. Do not save your passwords in an email or a text file on your computer. That would be like leaving your house key in the mailbox — it leaves you vulnerable. Hackers and other computer predators are out there in force looking to gain financially by victimizing people like us. They know that browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox allow people to save their passwords to be used later. This feature which makes life a tiny bit easier for us is a useful tool in the hands of hackers. They will use malicious software programs to steal our passwords and our personal information. Zbot and SpyEye are two of the more widely distributed password-stealing programs (Trojans), and they know exactly where to find and how to steal our information if our computers become infected with them. So as well as choosing good passwords you are best off protecting yourself with good PC internet security software.

When looking for security software you will want to be sure it has the following features:

- blocks viruses, spyware, spam, worms, Trojans, rootkits and keyloggers

- encrypts passwords

- offers security across multiple devices

- allows you to access files including music and photos from anywhere

- offers multi-layer identity protection.

For those irreplaceable or very sensitive documents on your computer, you should consider backing up using CollectionMine’s offsite data backup software.

Keep your documents safe from prying eyes in our world-class data centre. Mac and PC software versions are available. Whether your computer is hacked or stolen or it just dies, your files will be safe from harm.



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