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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are designed primarily to allow you to share information such as who you are and what you’re doing. 

These websites are unbeatable tools for connecting with family and friends, and reconnecting with long-lost acquaintances. They are also great to help you meet up with people and groups that share your interests. This is why Facebook alone has over half a billion users.

However, Facebook, Twitter and other social network users should consider that not just friends and family may be privy to their posts.

Public messages posted on Twitter can literally wrap around the globe within seconds. They can as well be found in real-time searches 24/7/365.

Considering the vast audience and immediate nature of these social networks, I urge users to think carefully before they submit a post. Could your message compromise your safety or your identity? Could it embarrass you? Could it cost you your job or a job opportunity?

Happily, social network sites have privacy settings that allow you to control the visibility of your contact and profile information, posts, videos and photos. Users should take the time to consider how much visibility they want, and to set the controls accordingly. I very strongly urge that you restrict your visibility to friends only. 

Most (not all) social network sites allow you to limit who can see photos and videos tagged with your name. Take advantage of this option. While I am sure you wouldn’t even consider uploading something that would embarrass or compromise your friends, can the same be said for your friends? So if there’s something undesirable out there with your name on it, use the control setting to protect yourself.

Speaking of protecting yourself, do not share information that can be used by people to locate you or to steal your identity.

Think before you post about your holiday — do you really want the world to know your house is empty for two weeks? should convince you to be careful about oversharing.

Do you really want the world to know you’re home alone with the kids while your spouse is on a business trip? Or that your kids are home alone while you and your spouse are out for supper? Even if you limit your posts to your circle of friends, you still cannot guarantee that’s as far as they go.

And have you actually met all of your “friends” or are some of them Internet friends only? Housewife Donna from Windsor could be stalker Mike from your workplace. The ancient adage of better being safe than sorry would apply. 

Did you know social network accounts can be hijacked? Protect your own accounts by using unguessable passwords. Don’t pick something obvious like your licence plate or your daughter’s name. Choose something with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. 

And why would anyone want to hijack your social network account? There are those out there who use hijacked accounts to launch a phishing expedition — they try to lure your friends into clicking on a malicious link that they think was sent by you. 

And since your friends’ accounts could be hijacked already, use caution when clicking on a link sent to you regardless of the source. Clicking on a malicious link could hand over access to your computer and all its files to criminals. 

And my last bit of advice is to use CollectionMine’s online data backup software. Your computer files will be stored safely and securely away from prying eyes in a world-class data centre. All of your important data would be safe from theft, spying, viruses and all other disasters.

Enjoy the Internet and all it offers, but be aware and careful. Don’t invite trouble by posting information that could be used against you.


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