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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011
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Do you ever think about all the papers and report cards your kids bring home from school? There are some that will be treasured, just as there are “special” teachers during their school days.

And it isn’t just your children’s report cards that are special. Both of my parents kept all of their school report cards and some of the teachers’ comments are precious and funny. 

What about you? Do you have papers and report cards from your school days? Do you remember all your teachers? What about those favorite teachers? I remember one of my favorite teachers was Alice Chelich, English teacher from St. Thomas More school in Fairview, Alberta. She was the type of teacher that made literature come alive.

Have you thought about writing down your thoughts of school? Or, draw the school as you remember it? It certainly doesn’t have to be drawn to scale–but rather what teacher was in what room. Who taught what grade?

Remember black boards? Radiators where you put your snowy mittens? The desks which were so small you couldn’t get a notebook plus your text book open at the same time? And of course, “mystery meat” in the cafeteria!

Put down your thoughts and include them in your family history. And if you use CollectionMine’s offsite data backup, they will be preserved for and enjoyed by future generations.


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