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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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There are many ways to kill your computer. The question is not if it will die, but when. Sometimes a computer lingers before it expires and you get fair warning to save your files, but sometimes it dies suddenly and you lose everything that was on it. And sometimes we inadvertently cause it to die ourselves. 

Your computer is an complex assembly of many different parts. It is happiest when sitting quietly, undisturbed by motion. When moving your computer, beware: some of these parts can become slightly loose. The end result of loose components can be the death of your computer.

Moving your computer once is tricky. Moving your computer too often is asking for trouble. Make sure it is turned off and unplugged before you make the move. Keep it steady if you can.

Don’t drop it!

Ideally, if you’ve just transported your computer, you should take the cover off and check inside to make sure that your expansion cards, memory, heatsink and video card are still seated correctly and aren’t loose. Doing this before you power up your computer can substantially increase its lifespan.

Play it safe. If your computer contains files that are important and/or irreplaceable, make a backup of those files. That way, if your computer dies in transit, you will not have lost your data as well. CollectionMine’s offsite data backup is a great idea to keep your files safe. We offer both Mac and Windows backup software versions.


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