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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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I had never heard of Stanley Eveling until today, but I feel sad for his widow, Kate.

Stanley Eveling was an Edinburgh playwright and poet who passed away in December, 2008. He was well known to the people of Edinburgh, and had lectured at Edinburgh University for three decades.

In the final years of his life Mr. Eveling had written scores of poems and his final play, “Ways to Remember,” on his trusty PowerBook G4. This old computer in fact held hundreds of Mr. Eveling’s poems and six of his plays.

The reason I feel bad for Kate Eveling is that in January 2011 her home was broken into and her late husband’s PowerBook G4 was stolen… and Kate Eveling had never backed up the files.

She is distraught, as are her sons. “Ways to Remember” was being considered for staging in the future, and although a copy was printed out, it doesn’t contain the final alterations made by its author.

Stanley Eveling’s final poems hadn’t even been printed out.

“I hadn’t downloaded what was on his computer to a memory stick. I’m not all that computer literate and I was terrified to lose everything,” Kate Eveling said.  ”I was waiting for my sons to help.

“I have been kicking myself that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Kate Eveling is appealing to the thieves to kindly return the computer files.

“It would be wonderful if the material was to appear. It’s very valuable to me and I would be very appreciative,” she said.

Hopefully the thieves will be willing to take steps to return the computer files, but I think that outcome is highly unlikely.

Every year hundreds of thousands of computers are stolen, and in many cases the computer files were not backed up. Granted, not all of us are storing literary works of art, but most of us are keeping something that we value on our computers.

I know I treasure the video of my brother’s wedding that features my dear departed parents. I am not taking any chances with that, and have many copies made.

The wisest course of action is to back up your computer files now. Mr. Eveling’s sons had over two years to help their mother, but their procrastination has cost them all.

The truth is bad things happen to computers. They might not get stolen, and they might not get a virus. They might not catch fire, and they might not get hacked. But they will die. Sooner or later all computers die. Whether or not we are prepared for that eventuality, it will happen.

Using CollectionMine’s online data backup is a simple and affordable solution. It is easy to use so you don’t need a computer whiz to help you. And for the small price you pay, you guarantee that your valuable, irreplaceable computer files are stored in a world-class data centre. If anything happens to your computer, your files are totally safe and totally accessible. 

Let’s not wind up kicking ourselves like Mrs. Eveling. Let’s avoid her unhappy circumstance and protect our computer files from being lost, stolen or destroyed.


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