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admin2 On March - 9 - 2011

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There are a few ways that someone can gain unauthorized access to your email account. Possibly your password is too simple and someone can guess it. Or your password is great but someone can guess the answer to your password reset question. If you access your email account from an unsafe public terminal someone using Firesheep can grab your account details. Any of these scenarios will allow your email account to be accessed by someone other than you.

To make it harder for spies and snoops, here are a few common sense tips to follow.

1. Pick a good password. Don’t make it something obvious to those who know you. Make it long, add numbers and mix uppercase and lowercase. And then change it. Not right away, of course, and even not every few days, but just every so often. That way those people who have known your email, such as your roommate or your ex, won’t be able to check up on you whenever they want.

2. Go through the “I forgot my password” procedure and discover how hard/easy it is for you to regain access to your account. A password reset option is really good. If there’s a password reset question required, there’s no reason to have put the “correct answer” as your answer in the first place. So what if your first pet was named Spot? Feel free to put “Michael Jackson” if you think you can remember that answer. Just don’t tell anyone!

3. Want to access your email using an unsafe public terminal? Just don’t. Don’t.

4. Don’t click on “reply to all” unless you know exactly who all the recipients are. You don’t want your emails being sent inadvertently to the wrong people. This can prove embarrassing and upsetting for you and them. Or it could provide confidential information to people who are not meant to see it.

And while we’re on the topic of email, here’s a tip which admittedly has nothing to do with preventing unauthorized access: watch your tone when using email. Sarcasm does not translate well. Neither does irony. If the topic of your email is sensitive, potentially contentious or will spark a long discussion, pick up the phone instead. 

Email is useful and it is handy, but it is not the only medium from which you can choose. Sometimes it’s wiser to choose another method to deliver information. The phone, couriers, mail, ftp, even the fax machine are viable alternatives. 

We can’t stress enough the importance of data security. People who gain unauthorized access to your email account will be able to view all of your emails and their attachments, so the above steps should be taken to protect it.

We strongly urge readers to consider online data storage and backup. Keep your most sensitive and important computer files safe from loss, from theft and from prying eyes by using CollectionMine’s online data storage.


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