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Iain On August - 23 - 2012

Jay’s House

Earlier this year, my neighbour’s house burned down. He lost literally everything he owned, including his dog.

It all happened sometime around mid-day, when everybody was at work. Fortunately, a roofer who was working up the street saw the smoke and called 911. It was a windy day, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the flames spreading to my house, and then my family would have lost everything too.

It was scary, and it was devastating for Jay. He no longer has pictures of his kids when they were babies, and he lost everything stored on his computer; music, movies, pictures…the works.

He had no backup. When that computer burned, he lost years of his life.

There’s an old saying in the IT world; “If you’re not backed up twice, with at least one offsite, then you’re not backed up.”. Some of us run regular backups to an external hard drive, and that’s great if all that happens is that your computer dies. But what if the house burns down? That external hard drive is useless.

That’s where Collection Mine can help out. We provide safe and secure storage in a data centre. All you do is install a small software application, schedule it to run, and forget about it. Any files you choose are automatically backed up from that point forward.

Pictures. Wills. Manuscripts. All are examples of things that are difficult, if not impossible, to recover if something bad happens. All things that are easy and inexpensive to back up with Collection Mine.

Why risk it? You don’t have to be Jay. You can save some of your valuable things. It doesn’t make a fire any less devastating, but it’s a start at getting your life back.


- Iain


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