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admin2 On November - 16 - 2012

I read an article about caring, concerned people in Staten Island, NY who are collecting found photos that had been scattered by Sandy. They photos have been found in the rubble of homes or washed up on the beaches, wet and many of them damaged.

“Their houses have been destroyed, they lost everything,” Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said of the storm’s victims. “A photo may be the only memory they have. We want to get them to their rightful owners. It is something very special we can do.”

Ms. Malliotakis is right. Photos are precious to us and their loss is deeply felt.

We are so fortunate to live in an age where photos and other irreplaceable documents don’t have to be lost. Scanning photos is uncomplicated. Cameras are digital for the most part. With a bit of foresight all of our treasured images and documents can be digitized and stored offsite.

It doesn’t cost much to preserve treasures such as family photos. Just check out Collectionmine’s affordable pricing and you’ll see. And keeping your digitized treasures stored safe and secure in a data centre means that storms, vandals, fires and floods can’t rob you of them.

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