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offsite data storage

You have probably invested a lot of time (a lifetime?) and effort in creating and accumulating your personal data. Your family tree, thesis, digital artwork and photography, a manuscript or a musical score, home made videos, your will and other legal documents are just some of the kinds of personal data you may have compiled. They are important to you, and possibly important to others, and are well worth safeguarding.

Consider whether you can afford the time and effort to replicate your personal data if something happens to your computer. And is it possible at all to replicate it?

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online data backup

CollectionMine’s offsite data backup allows you to securely store your most valued and important computer files easily and inexpensively.

Consider what you can’t afford to lose! Large amounts of data or small, you only pay for the storage space you use when backing up using CollectionMine’s offsite data backup software! And you control what gets backed up and how often! And only you can access your private documents!

Protect your valuable computer files against virus, theft, environmental impact, hardware failure, and accidental deletion, etc. Put your mind at ease for just $62.50 a year.

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    What to Store?

    offsite data backupoffsite data backup

    Digital & scanned artwork, thesis, manuscript, novel, journal, books

    offsite data backupoffsite data backup

    Pedigree, pet insurance, license, adoption papers, digital & scanned photographs

    offsite data backupoffsite data backup

    Contact information, house insurance, mortgage, rental & renovation contracts

    offsite data backupoffsite data backup

    Homemade & downloaded movies, videos, recorded & downloaded music, musical scores, lyrics

    offsite data backupoffsite data backup

    Passport, itinerary, ID, citizenship documents, travel visa, digital files