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Preserving your valuable digital documents using offsite data backup- why you need to do it

This is one of the most important, yet also one of the most neglected areas of computing. Backing up your data should be at the top of your computer maintenance list, right next to Virus Protection. Without data backup or virus protection, you are running the risk of losing your data. And it will happen — don’t think that you don’t have to worry about it.

Why should you back up using CollectionMine’s offsite data backup services?

Data loss happens in a number of ways. One of the most common causes is physical failure of the media the information is stored on. Say you have everything saved on your PC’s hard drive. That hard drive will not live forever. Yes, normally hard drives can live for years without incident, but eventually they will die. It might happen gradually, by more and more bad clusters accumulating until most of the drive is unusable. Or it might happen suddenly, and the hard drive just dies without warning.

Check out our Mac and Windows backup software!

Another bad storage media are floppy disks. They are good for temporary storage and maybe transporting information, but not for permanent data storage. When a floppy goes bad, the data on it is inaccessible and all you can do is toss it and start again.

Another possible cause for data loss is power failure or spikes. It can result in the loss of the digital document you are currently working on because you did not save it before the power failed and your PC shut down. It can also result in the loss of your entire hard drive because a power surge fried your motherboard and destroyed the file allocation table of your hard drive.

Also worth mentioning is data loss through virus attacks. There are plenty of nasty computer viruses and worms out there that will delete files on an infected machine. That is why virus protection is just as important as backing up.

The bottom line is its better to be safe than to be sorry. There are many ways to bring about a data disaster, and theres only one way to be prepared for any of them, and that is through backing up your files.

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How is CollectionMine’s offsite data backup a better choice than cheaper competitors?

We know there are many, many sites out there offering extremely cheap, sometimes free backup services. And the reason they can afford to offer these is because they are making use of cloud computing to store data.

Cloud computing refers to data that “live” out there somewhere in the cloud we call the Internet. It is becoming very popular, primarily as a money-saving technique—cloud services don’t require expensive in-house hardware, software, and staff. In addition, cloud services are usually available for a small monthly fee rather than a huge up-front expense. And that sounds good, BUT remember to ask, “Where’s the security?”

It’s difficult enough to protect data that doesn’t leave your control, but in the cloud you’ve relinquished control. Depending on your contract, you may not even own your cloud-resident data! And worse, there are clouds within the cloud—your provider may subcontract with another provider for data storage, and that provider might also subcontract for data storage management. Your provider may not even be able to tell you where your data is, or even which country it is in and whether the laws that apply to you regarding data security and breach disclosure even apply in that twice-removed jurisdiction.

Choosing CollectionMine’s offsite data backup services gives you complete control over your backed up data. Your digital documents are stored on a physical server that is housed in a world class data center with every kind of security possible. Would you store your valuables in a safety deposit box that didn’t have a lock? Or that was kept in a car or a closet for all you knew? Why would you take risks with your digital valuables that you wouldn’t take with anything else you valued?

CollectionMine can’t compete price-wise with the offers of ultra-cheap or free backup services that our competitors advertise. But our competitors can’t compete with our data center, our guaranteed security, our guaranteed uptime, our guaranteed accessibility. And with CollectionMine YOU have COMPLETE CONTROL over your data. Isn’t your peace of mind worth $62.50 for a whole year?

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What digital data should you back up?

Maybe you think that you probably don’t really have anything worth backing up, nothing very important. Let’s go through just a few items to jog your memory.

How about your favorite places on the Internet and that long list of bookmarks? Do you really want to lose all those? How about the e-mail addresses of all your friends? That would take a long time to accumulate again. Or how about that nice picture or powerpoint somebody e-mailed you and that you saved? How about your bank records? And how about that family history you collected over the years and put into a database? Maybe you have a document for work, like a presentation or a spreadsheet that you created at home and don’t have a copy on your work PC. Think about all those songs you bought and downloaded from the internet.

After thinking about it for a while you will probably realize that there is a lot of information you don’t want to lose. That’s why you should back up your data.

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How can you back up your paper documents with offsite data backup?

We’ve been talking about backing up data and digital documents. Maybe some of you think that your most valuable documents are of the paper variety so they can’t be backed up. Not true — through the use of a scanner all paper documents can be turned into digital documents. There are programs you can download that will turn scanned documents into editable Word files. In the meantime, we hope those paper documents are stored safely, free from any threat of fire, theft or mischief. Check our blog for great tips on scanners and scanning.

Contact us now about storing your most important digital documents with CollectionMine’s offsite data backup services!

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