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A Calgary family sadly discovered that their photos of their deceased son were stolen from their home. The break-in happened while the family was out of their Springbank home. Thieves broke into the house and stole passports, credit cards, a TV, a guitar, an iPad and a laptop that contained photos of Matthew Bienert who [...]

In May, 2012, almost 59,000 Twitter username and passwords were posted online by a hacker. In June, 2012, LinkedIn announced that 6.4 million passwords were leaked after hackers attacked its system. These are just a couple of recent hacker attacks that have been publicized. Today, we need to ask the questions: How secure is the [...]

A Mesa, Arizona couple had their laptop stolen, which is not news. Derrick and Christianna Doba decided to do something about it, which is news. The couple decided to play detective. First of all they filed a police report. Next Derrick Doba logged onto his account and was able to remotely access the stolen [...]

The cybercrime ecosystem is forever coming up with new techniques to scam the unwary. Cybercriminals have recently come up with a new, malicious scheme. This scheme involves offering free insurance protection against online fraud. The victims are sent a fake insurance account that purportedly covers the total amount of funds in their bank accounts. They [...]

Having a backup is necessary, but so many people neglect to test their backups periodically. Testing is necessary for you to know for sure that your backup is recoverable, and also to get an idea of how long it’s going to take to recover your data if disaster strikes. If we’re talking about a local [...]

Google has recently shared some information about malicious activity on the Internet. One of the surprising facts they revealed is that every day they flag 9500 new malicious web sites. These sites could either be innocent sites that have been hacked and are being used to launch malware or phishing attacks, or they could be [...]

There has been a big hoopla about Amazon’s Glacier offering of 1 penny per gigabyte per month. It is an affordable, almost unbeatable offer for consumers who are looking for affordable storage. But there is a price to pay and the price can be found in Amazon’s fine print. To spare readers from combing through [...]

In the first three months of 2012, criminals traded 12 million pieces of personal information online. That was a 200% increase over 2010. Most people were happily oblivious that their identity had been stolen until they were denied access to something, such as a loan. Identity theft victims commonly experience refusal of loans or credit [...]

Security researchers have there is discovered a new scam campaign that is spreading quickly across Twitter by claiming to be a photo of the victim. Please be warned: there is no photo. There are, however, scammers very interested in putting the Blackhole exploit kit onto your computer. The malware uses at least two different messages [...]

Earlier this year, my neighbour’s house burned down. He lost literally everything he owned, including his dog. It all happened sometime around mid-day, when everybody was at work. Fortunately, a roofer who was working up the street saw the smoke and called 911. It was a windy day, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the [...]

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